Why is Green Tea Good For You?

by Mariana McConnell on December 3, 2009

green-tea-glass-cupThere are very few foods in the world that are completely good for you. Green tea happens to be one of them.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the health promoting properties of green tea with astounding results. Consuming green tea on a daily basis can prevent cancer, curb your appetite for weight loss, lower bad cholesterol, boost the immune system, and keep your skin looking youthful among other great benefits.

Some studies show that people who drink green tea have higher levels of mental concentration, as well. No other type of tea currently produced offers the same great health benefits as green tea.

There are a few key reasons this is true.

The first reason is the tea itself. Green tea leaves are rich in a particularly potent type of antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg). This antioxidant has the unique ability to fight cancerous cells without harming healthy tissue. Antioxidants are essential to good health as they protect healthy cells from changing in structure due to oxidizing agents, like iodine. All tea contains EGCG, but green tea contains especially high levels – over 50% at its most concentrated.

green-tea-leaf-in-handThe reason green tea has such powerful levels of EGCg is because of the way it’s prepared for consumption. Unlike other types of tea, green tea leaves are slowly steamed after picking, which prevents oxidation and preserves all of ECGC present in the raw plant. Black and oolong teas are fermented, a process that breaks down the molecular structure of the tea and changes the ECGc into less effective compounds. When you drink a mug of green tea, you are truly enjoying the same benefits as if you were eating the plant itself (but tastier, of course).

Another great aspect of green tea is its low levels of caffeine. While green tea does contain caffeine, it has substantially less than black or oolong. If you drink a cup of black tea before bed, you will almost certainly be up for a few hours longer than anticipated. Caffeine isn’t entirely great for you, as it can cause the jitters and insomnia when consumed in large amounts. Replacing black tea with green tea erases this concern, as well as adds all the health benefits listed above. Not to mention that light-colored green tea won’t stain your teeth and tongue as black tea can!

In order to gain the best health effects of the green tea, you should always purchase high quality tea leaves. The best quality tea is prepared with the most care and contains the highest levels of ECGc. Matcha green tea is an especially high quality variation made from leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. Matcha boasts huge levels of ECGc, due to the high concentration of the powder.

No matter which green tea you buy, the result is clear: Green tea is 100% good for you.

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