Purchasing Matcha Online

by Matthew Burgess on December 12, 2009

Here’s a quick list of great matcha green tea providers. We love these brands for the great taste of their high-quality leaves.

Remember, you can use matcha powder in a tons of different recipes, as well as in tea. From cupcakes to lattes, matcha green tea is a really flexible ingredient that adds both color and unique flavor to any food. Use our list as a starting point for finding your favorite type of matcha green tea!

domatcha-matcha-green-teaDo Matcha (http://www.domatcha.com/) – Talk about a gorgeous website!

DoMatcha was the first brand I bought, at Whole Foods, and I’ve been very happy. High quality matcha green tea that is harvested and processed in Japan using very little machinery in order to preserve all the nutrients. This website is super informative and has lots of information about the history of matcha green tea, including a some cool pictures tea ceremonies.

the-necessiteasThe NecessiTeas (http://www.thenecessiteas.com) – Fine tea in unique flavors and fun accessories for the discerning tea drinker. The store also sells samples of their tea, so customers can try out the unique combinations before purchasing them (how about Strawberry Lemonade Green Tea?).

republic-of-tea-logoThe Republic of Tea (http://www.republicoftea.com/) – Elegantly packaged matcha tea bags are perfect starting points for newcomers to green tea. A great option for people short on time who still want to get the benefits of matcha without the hassle of brewing it in the usual way.

Here is a very nice traditional matcha set from Republic Of Tea.

More to come. We’re doing you’re holiday digging for you. Stay posted.

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daniel May 1, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Hello! I currently drink Matcha tea from Zenmatchatea.com. However, I’ve been concerned with the quality of the tea–I’ve read that one must watch out for low quality tea. How can I tell if this tea is high quality or low quality? Thanks!

naomi thomas February 3, 2012 at 11:32 am

Hi Daniel ~ this is Naomi, the owner and found of ZenMatchatea.com. I also helped to found the company DoMatcha, that is mentioned on this site, so I have been in the world of matcha for many years! I started ZenMatcha in order to sell exclusively online in order to keep the price of this very expensive tea down at a level where ordinary consumers could afford it. I want to make this healing tea as available to as many people as possible! We, at ZenMatcha, source our tea from members of the Japan Tea Association in Kyoto, and we fully guarantee the authenticity and high quality of our wonderful matcha. It is the real thing! It is also one of the most affordable matcha teas out there.
I hope you help spread the word about us ~ we are so passionate about spreading the matcha love!

My best,
Naomi Thomas
owner, founder

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