More Online Matcha Resources

by Matthew Burgess on December 17, 2009

Here are a few more sites that we’ve found.

matchakyoJapanese Green Tea ( – This awesome website has a wide range of organic matcha teas, with varieties from specific regions in Japan. They also sell inexpensive matcha tea sets that you can use at home to evoke a traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremony.teanobi-matcha-powder

Teanobi ( – A huge selection of matcha green tea products, each one geared for a different use. If you want to make ice cream, cake, or even a cocktail with matcha, Teanobi has a tea specifically made for your needs. The range of tastes and textures in their catalog is well researched and impressive.

o-cha-com-green-tea ( – An essential stop for the true matcha lover, O-Cha sells and ships high quality matcha green tea directly from Japan. High standards guarantee authenticity and freshness for customers. Many providers of matcha for O-Cha have been in the green tea business for over 100 years!

matcha-source-comMatcha Source ( – You can order matcha green tea, along with accessories like a bamboo whisk (used by the Japanese to create a smooth, creamy consistency). There are several different kinds of matcha available for purchase, most of them imported from Japan.

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