Matcha Green Tea Helps Woman Find Inner Peace

by Matthew Burgess on December 10, 2009

Here’s a nice story. A Pittsburgh woman has credited an interest in Japanese tea rituals to helping her find a spiritual center to her life.

Mrs. Schurko used to work 80-hour weeks in her job in corporate finance. Now, she spends hours performing a leisurely — almost meditative — traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

I was like a spinning top. This has calmed me down,” she said.

The special tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies is none other than our personal favorite, matcha. The article has some neat information about the serving ceremony, including descriptions of the whisking and pouring of the tea.

The author also touches on the intricate rules of the serving ceremony, which are based in ancient elements of Japanese culture. It actually takes 10 years of serious study to become eligible to host a tea ceremony in Japan. Luckily, you can brew a cup at home without having to open a single book!

Though we don’t spend hours serving our tea, it’s great to read about an individual who found some inner peace through the preparation and consumption of matcha green tea. It proves that the benefits of drinking matcha aren’t just physical, but spiritual too!

Read the rest of the article here: Intricate Japanese tea ceremony meditative, calming.

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